FAQ – the most common questions answered for you

When will I receive the first review?

We will put the first review together within 48 h. Some of the portals will have a verification process which can take up to three working days. In the worst case, you may only find your first review online after five working days.

Will I always get 5 stars?

We will research in advance in order for us to find suitable tester for you, who fit both locally to you and are obliging and unbiased towards your product from the start so that the likelihood of a very positive rating will be quite high.

How long does it take for my order to be processed?

That depends on your initial situation and the size of your order as well as your wishes. If you buy larger packages from us or if you are a regular customer, you will receive a real-time access to our platform which will enable you to follow the events live.

Will the reviews remain permanently?

Yes, they stay permanently on your profile. Should a review be deleted for whatever reason, we’ll fix it.

Will I receive an invoice?

Of course. Since we are located in Spain and have a verifiable VAT ID we will bill you without VAT, when you provide us with your VAT ID in your order. Otherwise, we will charge you with 21% Spanish VAT, which you will definitely get refunded in Germany.

How can I pay?

You can pay by PayPal or credit card or via invoice. You will automatically receive an invoice to the email address saved on PayPal.

What sets us apart from other companies?

Firstly, we are a genuine, legal company, listed in the Maltese Commercial Register and have a verifiable VAT ID. On the other hand, we have gained extensive experience in recent years that we can offer you smooth and unproblematic processing including a money back guarantee today. You will be satisfied.

Who actually rates me?

Since we come from the area of mystery shopping (mystery shopping agency), we have sufficient connections to people who will write your review with a lot of experience. Currently, our tester group consists of several thousand people who are able to give your company a fair review. You will be very satisfied. We write in perfect German and in full sentences.

Is it legal to buy reviews?

In order to move on safe legal grounds it is necessary to follow some rules. For example, the product testers / reviewers may not be biased or bribed. It is therefore important to generate genuine and of one’s own accord given ratings (§ 4 Nr. 3 UWG, § 6 Abs.1 No. 1 TMG). Through our reach and large pool of reviewers, we can guarantee just that by providing you with regionally independent testers that will rate your business fairly and independently.