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Good reviews are becoming more and more important. Especially when you have foreign customers it is important to have an overall positive rating on many platforms. Many times it will determine whether the product will be bought or the service is booked from you or from the competition.

German customers pay more and more attention to whether your company is listed on rating platforms and has a positive rating. In addition, an intensified marketing and SEO of the individual platforms strengthens this tendency.

To get to the point: Whether your service is booked well or not so often has a lot to do with your ratings. Therefore these have to at least be good.

And let’s be honest, no one, not even you, would choose a restaurant or a service where other guests have given negative feedback.

Because “there is truth in it” how the vernacular would say and is often wrong in todays’ time. Because a large extent of bad reviews are from the competition or from former co-workers between friends.

The one or the other negative review is normal – human. The problem though is that many who are happy with your service are not writing it down.

This is because they don’t want to open an account or it is not extraordinary to be satisfied with your service.

Here we come into play – you can buy good reviews from us

We will choose the testers that live or work in your area from our large collection and send then to you to get an idea of your performance. Sometimes our testers are already your customers anyway!

Afterwards the results will be put together on the desired portal in the form of a review.

This procedure is straightforward, legal and compliant.

Do not hesitate – act like a business owner and buy your first reviews now.

I guarantee that you will be satisfied.

That’s how it works:

  1. You select the amount of reviews you need
  2. You share the link to your portal in the field provided
  3. You pay the invoice.

And off you go. Usually you will receive a review every two days. If you want a different rhythm, please write to us.

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